AWS identity and access control made easy.

Powertools for engineering teams to automate AWS for reliability, security and compliance.

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We at Source & Binary have led operations engineering and cloud infrastructure at companies such as Slack, Square, Confluent, and Segment. We've managed massive AWS installations, sat on AWS' Customer Advisory Board, and seen what works and what doesn't firsthand. Drawing on years of expertise building large-scale, mission-critical systems, we developed Substrate as an easy-to-use platform to automate the creation and management of multi-account AWS infrastructure, so that teams can get to work.

Casey Crites

Founding Engineer - Metronome

"All AWS access is immediately solved for us. It’s like having a team of SREs that have set a standard that makes it easy for non-SREs to follow."

Nate Brown

CTO - Defined Networking

"Having Substrate allowed us to bootstrap our AWS infrastructure in a way that large enterprises desire but struggle to accomplish."

Alaeddin Almubayed

CTO - Resourcely

"With security and privacy in mind, Substrate eliminates the need for managing long-lived keys, enforcing a policy of least privilege."

Creating an IAM role

Create new roles quickly. Ensure engineering can work efficiently and with least privileges.

Assuming a role with Substrate

It's easy to assume a role and work in another AWS account. Refer to your accounts using meaningful names instead of numbers.

Enumerate your AWS accounts

Easily see all your AWS accounts with human-friendly names. Generate a shell program to update accounts and apply Terraform modules.

Creating a new AWS account

New accounts can be created with a single command. Substrate generates Terraform for each account to bootstrap infrastructure as code.

How Substrate solves AWS access so you don't have to.


Substrate allows you to separate your applications and environments by account, ensuring the highest level of isolation within AWS. Automated VPC creation and peering connects your applications inside an environment, while keeping environments such as development and staging isolated.


You can manage account access by creating roles for humans and applications with a single command. Day to day, engineers can use Substrate to assume roles to work with the AWS CLI, API, or access the AWS console.

Turnkey architecture

Substrate provides a proven account and network architecture without the engineering time. The isolation accomplished through multiple accounts enhances your application security and reliability. Compliance certifications like SOC2 become easier, and your engineering team can move faster without fear.

Why Multi-account?

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Managed AWS IAM and organizations

Access for all your people and isolation for all software

Identity provider integration

Control access to AWS with Okta, Google, or Azure AD

Terraform state storage and locking

Automatically configured and production-ready

AWS account navigation

Interactive and automation-friendly tools using meaningful, unambiguous names

VPC networking for multiple accounts

Managed VPCs with managed CIDR prefixes and peering, shared with all the right accounts

Short-lived AWS credentials

Automatic expiration for peace of mind

SOC 2 head start

Easy evidence for controls for access, change management, and segmentation

AWS account creation

Isolate environments and services in the only way that really works in AWS

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